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A new year is upon us, and as with most people, I am prompted to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. For me, 2013 represented a whole new beginning in life. A chapter that has changed my perspective dramatically and shifted my goals to match. Becoming a mother was much more than a simple addition to the family, it was a beautiful awakening to a slower paced and more simple life.

As I look back on this amazing year, a few important events stick out to me. The first, of course, being the birth of Charlotte. She has altered the way I view life. More specifically, the way I perceive time. I am more patient than I ever thought I could be. You see, each day I have the rare opportunity to watch someone discover, explore and experience things for the very first time. From watching how our shadows glisten against a snow bank to laughing as we play peek-a-boo for the thirtieth time in a row, my days are filled with such wonder that I choose to consider every moment precious. Because I cannot get this time back, so I best use it as wisely as possible.

With that shift in my perception came the second big event, or change I should say, I simply care a lot less about being “somebody”. I had this notion that in order to be successful in my field I had to be well known, have countless followers on various social media sites and be working towards pseudo-celebrity status. Well let me tell you! That just seems like a lot of effort and time to put towards my ego. Time better spent make sheet forts and funny faces in the mirror with my little ball of snuggles. When I really examined why I wanted these things it was because that’s how I had come to classify success. But what is success to me? What is my personal end game? I want to be well respected in my field. I want to be considered an expert at what I do. And though it may seem like it at first, the instagram gurus and teachers with tens of thousands of facebook fans are not necessarily more of an expert… they just have a great marketing team!

I also had the revelation to stop pursuing goals that are important to other people and not exactly important to me. It is sometimes hard to carve a place for yourself in an industry full of so many talented yoga teachers. And every now and again you get wrapped up in a conversation, drop an idea, and get the encouraging jeers from the people around you to make that your new life’s purpose. What… wait… how did that happen!?! Luckily I learned to forgive myself long ago for changing my mind, so a simple shift in focus is no big thing for this coming year.

The plan for the next 365 days? Focus and continue to grow in the direction that suits my purpose. Learn more, read more, do more. My focus is to be the best version of my true self, a mother, a wife and a yogi.

As far as my shift in career focus. I am choosing to spend more time on my knowledge and approach to helping my students and less time on pushing myself to be a “popular teacher”. I have already made the shift in my classes and it feels glorious. I am back to my roots again, teaching a more authentic version of yoga (to me anyways), and most importantly, I’m not apologizing for it. I am pushing my students away from their purely western comfort zones and infusing a little more tradition into their lives. It makes me feel the way I did when I first began my journey as a teacher… like I could actually instill some sort of inspiration and change to the world around me. If this makes me slightly less popular for the time being, I’m happy to bare that cross. I think in the long run the people who come to yoga for more of a connection than a work out will find their way to my classes. The universe always matches energy (you get what you give).

This year promises to be rather entertaining on all fronts and I am looking forward to embracing all that it has in store….. oh, and  I’m going to give this whole blog thing another go…. hopefully I can stay committed this time around.

After months of planning, I was able to surprise Greg with a trip to Vegas. We love Vegas. I saved up money for a few months so Greg wouldn’t notice, booked everything secretly, even got Greg time off work. We had a whole weekend of things plans for his birthday starting with a dorky date night at the pottery painting place on Friday night, where I told him what the plan was. We went out for dinner and drinks with friends on Saturday (Greg’s actual birthday), and then flew out on Sunday.

We had a wonderful time. Just took it easy, went to a few exhibits, gambled and enjoyed ourselves. The last time away just the two of us. Our babymoon.

Life is about to change so much for the two of us. It’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. We are getting closer and closer, and with each passing day my nerves get a little more on edge. I think being nervous is a good and natural thing. I’ve never had a baby before, so not knowing what to expect is the only thing I can expect!

In the mean time I have been settling my nerves with creative baby projects. So far I’ve made her a crochet blanket, an adorable little minkie blanket, pillows for the rocking chair, the crib skirt and a new cover for the ottoman. The next project is the nursery curtains (which I’ve been putting off because it’s a larger endeavour). After that I’m planning to make burp cloths, a diaper pad and I even found a little pattern for baby shoes!!! (bless pintrest) Maybe it’s just busy work, but it makes me feel like I’m at least doing something proactive.

I think what I’m most nervous about is what happens after you come home. Seriously, you just come home with a teeny tiny little thing. And then what? That’s the scary part.

Just ten more weeks. I’m hoping to get everything in order and ready in the next four weeks just incase. We are both very organized people who like to pre-plan and have all our ducks in a rows, so I think that will make a lot of my nerves calmer.

I can’t wait for what the next little while will bring. So many new experiences coming. This will be an incredible new chapter in our lives. Can not wait.


Little by little, piece by piece, our nursery is coming together.

The walls adorned with bright and happy green stripes give a feeling of whimsy and delight. We chose colours that made us smile. Something bright and exciting. Both shades of green are from within the same palette and have undertones of yellow. These stripes adorn two walls and the lighter shade along the other two. Not to mention there’s a tree on one section and owls around the room.


Slowly the furniture is making its way into the house. So far only the storage cubes have been put together (and the swing, but that’s not exactly furniture). They are a grouping of three by three squares in white and we plan on getting canvas pull out cubes in bright colours to store nick nacks.

We’ve purchased our crib, which we will be assembling tomorrow, and it’s a cherry wood colour. I hate the idea of matchy matchy furniture, so we decided against getting a nursery set. The dresser is from ikea (the Hemnes chest) and is white but I’m planning to replace the knobs with crystal pulls! I thought it would be a perfect spot to use as our change table too.

We got an amazingly comfortable dark brown lazyboy rocker/recliner rather than a glider and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. It looks so much more put together and is incredibly comfy.

From there, we had a little ikea side table that we’ve decided to refinish in a bright blue for the room, just to add a pop of colour.

I’m very excited for our great big white faux fur throw rug. Super soft and luxurious feeling and adds a nice texture change to the room. All of our fabrics were ordered from Carousel in the states and follow the same palette that we fell in love with, bright and happy colours.


I’ll be making the curtains, crib skirt, two blankies, recovering the ottoman, and creating an onslaught of different sized pillows. I wouldn’t call myself a great seamstress, but I am surprisingly agile with a sewing machine. After all, it is all just geometry and math, and that’s how my brain functions, shapes and numbers.

The finishing touch on the nursery will be a crystal chandelier! I’m well aware that all of these little details are for me and not for the baby, but if I’m happy in the room, chances are baby will be too.

I can’t wait to get started really putting things together. Only 3 months to go now!

I will keep you updated on the progress of the room with photos along the way. I hope you enjoy my vision as much as I do!


I think we all have them. Those days that start off promising but promptly roll down hill the moment you leave the cozy cave of your covers. Well today… that was me. No matter what I did I couldn’t shake this feeling of unrest. Surprisingly tired. No motivation. Ugh.

At least I wasn’t alone in my plight. Greg was just as miserable as I was all day. We’ve been getting to bed late and waking up early trying to get everything done around the house. Our waking moments are filled to the brim lately, and it’s taking it’s toll.

Is this what it’s going to be like for the rest of my life?!

I had this thought today as I sat curled up on the couch with a comfy blanket and a sloth-like demeanor. We are so tired from two weeks of less sleep than normal. So run down and exhausted almost (though I blame some of that on growing a human being). It’s never going to get better than this though… as soon as our little girl is here, the little sleep that we do get will be interrupted, and far shorter than it is now. Ugh. At least the next few months will come as some sort of training. Weening our bodies off the luxury of eight hours and slowly trying to prepare for the inevitable doom that is late night feedings, diaper changes and general unruliness of a newborn gremlin… uh… I mean baby.

So today instead of forcing myself out of my little funk, I embraced it. I used my grumpy need for solitude to clean the bathrooms and reorganize some of the chaos from renos. I took the dog for an obscenely long walk. Best of all, I stopped judging my desire to rest. I just accepted that today would be a couch type of day. My body is tired, and considering the construction work being performed 24 hours a day in my uterus, I figure I can veg every now and again. This is basically the last time I will have the option to cuddle in my favorite blanket with turtle ice cream and watch Buffy re-runs. So I’ll take it. I’ll take all of it!