As a proud Lululemon ambassador I have the privilege of receiving new products to check out from time to time. Last week a care package came in the mail containing a new pair of Wunder Unders made with Full-On Luon, Lululemon’s fantastic new creation.


For a full run down of why this fabric is new and different from regular Luon, check out their blog post
The nitty gritty super basic outline of the differences? They are thicker and tighter but look the same.

What makes them great? In two words, the feel. Like I said, they are thicker and tighter. Why is this awesome you ask? With a little less stretch than current Luon, these Wunder Unders feel like they hold you more securely. I’ve practiced in them once and taught in them twice and must say they hold their shape perfectly. Like a second skin. Then there is the actually feel of them, it’s like cotton. So soft. The colour is a really rich black, making them seem even darker than the current Luon fabric.

There are a few draw backs (if you could call it that) I should mention. They are a little bit shorter than the traditional Wunder Under Pants. To give you reference, traditional WUP can pull over my heel to just about the back of my arch where as the new WUP using Full-On Luon fit nicely underneath my ankle bone (I’m 5’9 with a long inseam). So still long enough, but with no extras.
The only other thing is that the waist is a little bit tighter. This is to be expected as the fabric itself is a little more snug, but I just thought I would let you know. So if you can, pop into a store and try them on to make sure you’re picking up the best size for you.

All in all I’m really excited about the new fabric. It takes me back to the sweet days of thick Luon that made a lot of sense for teachers. High quality, super durable, and an amazing feel.

I love the direction that Lululmon is going. I’m not going to lie, there were a few years there that I didn’t find a whole lot that find my purpose, or my body. But over the past year or so, I’m back on the Lemon Train. Designs are making more sense for the activities that they were made for, but there are still fashion oriented pieces (which I love). They are owning the fact that there are certain clothes that are just made to look beautiful and not necessarily created for sweating in, and this change in perception is what I appreciate most about the Lululemon of late.

As the yoga culture becomes more diverse, so do the options for yoga related clothing. No longer does society automatically think of packed rooms filled with perfectly toned young women flowing through the Bikram series when they hear hot yoga. In the same respect, Lululemon is not the only choice anymore. But I’m a Lemon Head. Even with the ups and downs, I stick by them. Why? It’s actually not for the clothing. It’s because of the company and how truly amazing they are. They are dedicated to helping their employees reach personal goals. They reach out to the community, build a strong following and even help promote local teachers (like me) through their Ambassador program. They hire super positive, over achieving people that would bend over backwards to make your day happier (and if this is not your experience, say something. Go straight to the top by contacting the GEC at gec@lululemon.com because they care about you, how you feel and yes, even your yoga pants…. especially your yoga pants!)

So to close out, these pants rock and if you love Wunder Unders as much as I do, you should probably go get them. Seriously, just do it.