Who do you want to be?

Is that not the most daunting question on the face of the planet?! We have all been asked this question from a very young age. With each of life’s milestones our answer tends to change. When I was five I wanted to be a singer and at ten a veterinarian. By the time I was only 12 it was dancing that monopolized my mind. As time went by and the dream of dancing started to become a reality I thought about whether I would ever want to do anything else with my life. Since then, I have left the world of dancing my self and started teaching. A wonderful experience, but not the only part of my life now.

When I was 16 years old I discovered yoga. It helped me through injuries, both physical and emotional. It not only changed the way I looked at fitness, but at myself and my place in this world. Was my plan beginning to shift again? Ten years later and I’m still involved in dance, but the majority of my life revolves around my love of yoga. I’m not sure when I decided yoga was my dharma…. but it is.

I’m still slowly making the transition out of the dance world and into being fully engulfed in the yogi side of things. Each and everyday I become a little more of the latter, and thank the universe for it.

I’m comfortable changing my mind about my career pursuit for two very important reasons. The first being that I have a truly amazing husband that supports my pursuit of happiness. The second being that my mother has successfully changed her mind about her career a number of times.

Whether you are able to find your dharma at 18 or 68, there’s always time. Life changes, your priorities change, and yes, even your dharma can change. There is no harm or shame in starting over.

I’m so lucky to be a part of the yoga world. As I begin to step back into teaching yoga after having Charlotte (only a few classes a week) I remind myself that each day I need balance. To be the person I want to be, I need to have a strong identity as a yogi, a mom, a wife and a wonderer. Can’t wait.