After months of planning, I was able to surprise Greg with a trip to Vegas. We love Vegas. I saved up money for a few months so Greg wouldn’t notice, booked everything secretly, even got Greg time off work. We had a whole weekend of things plans for his birthday starting with a dorky date night at the pottery painting place on Friday night, where I told him what the plan was. We went out for dinner and drinks with friends on Saturday (Greg’s actual birthday), and then flew out on Sunday.

We had a wonderful time. Just took it easy, went to a few exhibits, gambled and enjoyed ourselves. The last time away just the two of us. Our babymoon.

Life is about to change so much for the two of us. It’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. We are getting closer and closer, and with each passing day my nerves get a little more on edge. I think being nervous is a good and natural thing. I’ve never had a baby before, so not knowing what to expect is the only thing I can expect!

In the mean time I have been settling my nerves with creative baby projects. So far I’ve made her a crochet blanket, an adorable little minkie blanket, pillows for the rocking chair, the crib skirt and a new cover for the ottoman. The next project is the nursery curtains (which I’ve been putting off because it’s a larger endeavour). After that I’m planning to make burp cloths, a diaper pad and I even found a little pattern for baby shoes!!! (bless pintrest) Maybe it’s just busy work, but it makes me feel like I’m at least doing something proactive.

I think what I’m most nervous about is what happens after you come home. Seriously, you just come home with a teeny tiny little thing. And then what? That’s the scary part.

Just ten more weeks. I’m hoping to get everything in order and ready in the next four weeks just incase. We are both very organized people who like to pre-plan and have all our ducks in a rows, so I think that will make a lot of my nerves calmer.

I can’t wait for what the next little while will bring. So many new experiences coming. This will be an incredible new chapter in our lives. Can not wait.