Nothing on my task list, I look around me. The sound of music fills our home rivaled only by the soft murmur of the dryer in the background. I sit in our living room on the sofa with feet propped lazily onto the coffee table. To my right, Buddy resting after a long day of doing all the things curious dogs tend to do. To my left, Tino is snuggled in looking elegant and refined as every cat does.

The house is in order having just been tidied. And though there’s a few chores that could be getting done, I instead choose to take this moment to notice all of this exquisite normality. This amazing feeling of silence while surrounded by inconsequential noise. It’s deafening and rejuvenating all rolled in one.

As I sit, and do what I consider important work, Greg finds himself at the desk, doing work with deadlines.

Even at 9pm on a Sunday evening, my devoted husband puts in a few hours of work. I suppose this is why he is where he is in his career. He cares. Things matter to him. Most importantly, details are his focus. I am often in awe of how much his passion seeps into his work.

This is one if those moments.

All of these things happening around me simply help me to remember how beautiful life truly is if you just take a moment to notice. If you just allow yourself to slow down and live in and amongst the little things. Stop moving from place to place, one destination from the next, and discover the glorious journey that is taking place in between.

I have this distinct feeling that when we are all coming to our final days, we will look back and appreciate these memories far more than what we currently consider the milestones of our life. These are the moments that shape our character, define our relationships and ultimately lead us towards achieving those sought after milestones because it is within these moments that we allow ourselves to grow. It takes no extra planning or effort, it just takes a little awareness.

For me, these moments let me notice what is really important. When I stop and look at my husband working hard into the night it shows me how devoted he is to his work. And just as yoga and all it brings to my life is my passion, his work is his. I respect him for loving what he does and putting so much of himself into it. I appreciate him for working as hard as he does to provide us with all that we need. And I love him for being this man without ever thinking twice about it.

If I had chosen to busy myself with some extraneous task, would I have noticed all these things? Would I have felt all of these warming feelings? And if I hadn’t, what then? Maybe nothing, or maybe we would have suffered for it in the long run. I’m happy I don’t have to speculate.

I hope to always take the time to notice. Let the little things lead my focus in life and allow the big things to fall where they may. Most of all, I hope to always choose to enjoy the journey, walk the most pleasant path and make time to sit, quietly, enjoying the moment.