In my opinion, the most important thing that we do for ourselves is eat. The kind of food you choose to put into your body has a huge reflection on your health and wellbeing. The one thing that Greg and I never skimp on is our food budget.

With local supermarkets and grocery stores jumping on the organic trend it’s easier (and cheaper) than ever to eat food without pesticides and herbicides. But you still have to be a little weary. Organic doesn’t mean the best. There’s still the issue of growth hormones. I recently read an article that looked at the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables in 1952 and compared them to the general brands we purchase now…. Shocking.

So a while back Greg and I decided to eat all organic produce, but beyond that, we would buy locally from our year round farmers market. Now sure that means that right about now there’s mostly beets, potatoes and cabbage available… But I’m okay with that. We also choose free range eggs and all of our meat comes from local butchers who take a stand against growth hormones and chemicals alike. It’s been a really good change for us.

We feel better knowing where our food comes from and that we are doing the best we can to give our bodies everything they need to be strong and healthy.

The most important part though? Eating better in general. You don’t need to eat all organic etc to be healthy (as our food bill did go up). Just start to change your relationship with food. Cut out the butter, let go of your love for fast food and eat less refined sugar. When you start to add in more fruits and veggies (what Greg calls “real food”) your whole palette changes. And that yucky green stuff actually starts to taste wonderful.

One serving of fruits and veggies equals a half cup, and you should be aiming for 5-10 per day! If you can do this, it will change your life!

I am in great health, have an optimal bmi, and never ever have to even utter the word diet. I just eat what we were meant to eat…. Real food.

Just a little “food for thought” 🙂