Tomorrow is a big day. My photo shoot with lululemon.

Part of being an ambassador for lululemon means that you take part in a photo shoot, the result of which gets blown up and hung on the wall of the store that you represent. I’m pretty sure that’s the most terrifying thing I have ever done! Eeeep

My nerves are a little on edge. As you could imagine, I’m a bit nervous about being on display for friends and strangers alike. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about, not really anyway, but your mind does tend to stray to the negative.

I’m nervous about not looking “yoga teacher” enough. Or what if instead of looking a cute six months pregnant I just look like I’ve indulged in a large meal? And of course the dreaded thought….. I sometimes feel like people on the outside of the yoga world think everyone looks like the model on the cover of Yoga Journal… My pose might not look hard enough, or cool enough, or anything enough….. Sigh.

This is how I know I still have room to grow.

At the end of the day I’m just so happy to be a part of this experience. I’m not sure I really care what people think of my photo, not to the extent my jitters are leading my believe anyways. All I would hope is that I can show my personality and love for yoga. When people look at my photo I want them to say “she’s having a great time”.

I hope I can embody passion and enthusiasm.

Even with my jitters and second thoughts, I am truly looking forward to tomorrow. The first tangible step in my new journey. I can’t wait to share how it went.