One of my focuses the past little while has been to create a stronger community for yoga teachers here in Calgary. This is one of those cities where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a yoga teacher. There are far more teachers than there is work, and countless training programs that keep churning out aspiring and wide eyed teachers full of potential, but with no where to go.

I started by creating a simple facebook group devoted to yoga teachers. In the past few months it has grown to over 450 members and counting. That’s a lot of teachers. Now the group has it’s ups and downs. We are constantly battling to keep self promotion off the page, and really keep it to what matters to teachers. Helping each other find subs, asking questions and opinions about everything from postures to insurance.

It’s nice to have a place to connect. Somewhere to reach out and know that the people to whom you’re reaching are in a very similar position to you. There’s different backgrounds and levels of experience in the group, so between us all, most every question can be answered.

I’m happy to take this small step in growing the community and trying to unite it’s many members. But for me, it’s not enough. I have only scratched the surface.

Tonight was a wonderful example of what needs to take place more often in our fair city. There was an event. An actual real life event where people meet and mingle face to face rather than through an online profile. Hosted by lululemon, approximately fifty yoga teachers, store ambassadors and lemons got together to practice yoga and then have a little wine and cheese. 

The energy in the room was fantastic. Everyone was happy to be there and excited to meet people from within the community. I truly think there needs to be more of these, in some capacity. Having a community helps us all grow. We learn from each others strengths and weaknesses, and build on communal experience.

The sum of it’s parts and all that stuff.

So what’s next? How can I make this happen? I’m taking the next step by organizing a get together for people from the Yoga Teacher facebook group. Put some faces to some profile pictures and make real life, living breathing connections. From there, I’d like to start a monthly practice followed by get-together for teachers. Where we can come to take class from each other, and discuss anything that needs discussion. Having a theme each month, be it anatomy or traditions etc, just a jumping off point. Having a place to come together and learn. There have been countless small groups that have done this throughout the years. I have had the privilege to be a part of many of them. But there needs to be a bigger scope so there can be a wider range of perspectives.

I think it’s an exciting undertaking and something that is necessary for growth in our city.

I can not wait to push the boundaries of what I thought was possible to undertake for just one person. The past few months have shown me that goals, while scary, really do work. I have a whole list of long term goals that have been re-energized with the belief that they are closer than I ever thought them to be. Goals are reachable…. you just have to start reaching.