Today was one of those special nights of teaching that remind me exactly why I do what I do.

36 people graced the studio today. All piling into a warm explore class taught by yours truly. See, the explore class is meant to be our open door introduction to yoga, but gets quite the multi-leveled crowd as well.

Today the energy was clam and tentative at the beginning of class. As it often is with explore classes. I like to keep the mood light and relaxed in these classes, I find it helps everyone open up to the idea of yoga a bit more. So we never chant Om, we never talk too seriously about meditation and we certainly never venture into the land of chakras. But we do ride the imagination train.

By the end of class people are happy and willing to imagine their spine like a wet clothe ringing out during their spirals. They know that they are safe when I lead them into the vulnerable and precarious position of happy baby. They even follow along without second thought when we lay into savasana and begin to follow the breath.

It’s magical.

They come in rigid and skeptical and leave feeling more open than they have in years.

Today was one of those amazing days. 36 sweaty faces left with smiles from ear to ear. It’s not that the class was anything out of the ordinary, or that I’m especially fantastic (cough), its that they were all willing to let go of their fears for long enough to embrace something new

This is what I live for. This, right here. Watching the change happen.