I did not fall off. Well, maybe for a moment, or three days to be exact, but I’m back on. I am wholeheartedly back on the wagon.

For three full days I did not write in this blog. I did not practice yoga at home. I did not meditate. Bad, bad yogi! I allowed myself to fall back into old habits. The only good thing from this? I remembered why I have these new goals, what they’re worth to me, and I came back to the light side.

I just finished an invigorating flow practice that told me all I needed to know about how important staying on the wagon is. My abs were shaking, my arms got tired, and I was at times even short of breath. This is certainly not due to the three days off alone. This is because I have slowly declined in my practice since finding out I was pregnant. At first it was because I felt ill and tired (as all newly human growing women feel)… and then, well then it was too late. The “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse lasted for far too long. My personal practice got shorter, and shall I say, more…. gentle? And then, before I knew it, it was all over. So much of the strength I had worked for was gone. Just like that!

So today’s practice was not only a gentle reminder of my recent lack of effort but also a soft nudge in the direction of my goals. As I held high plank, my mind says “how are you ever going to grace the cover of an international retreat brochure, or maybe one day even Yoga Journal (opps, I just let out one of my secret desires) if you look shaky and red faced in all of your slightly more difficult than usual postures”? Well to that I say, you’re right. See this is the other little voice. Not the mean spirited one that tries to keep you on the couch, but the one who reminds you every day that you’re working towards something great, so you better get out from under the covers and try a little harder.

So there you have it. I have returned. I will try a little harder. I will read myself my goals every minute of every day if I have to in order to keep myself motivated. Most of all, I will remember to respect myself enough to keep my commitments.

Coming up in the next week or so are some truly fascinating events! Friday morning my seven year old niece has an African dance presentation at school. Friday evening is The Gift Of 2013 event hosted by lululemon. The weekend is filled with dance rehearsals, hockey games and nursery set-up. And Monday…. well…. Monday is my lululemon ambassador photo shoot (eeeeeep!). Stay tuned for juicy details.