Everyone carries a certain sense of wisdom with them. Common sense, intuition, gut feelings, all boil down to wisdom.

I have been lucky throughout my life to inherit a deep pool of wisdom from which to draw. I’m not exactly sure how, but I’m often told I have “old eyes” or an “old soul”. I like that idea. I like the thought that I’ve been around before, lived many lives, seen so many things. No matter if those lives were good or bad, it’s still a very interesting thought to me. Gaining wisdom from each one of those experiences and carrying everything with me throughout each my next existence.

But how do you gain wisdom, new wisdom?

I think it’s by creating experiences from which you can learn. Diving into situations head first rather than shying into the corner. But I’m sure the most important aspect is to observe. Really take in what’s going on around you. Start to notice the little things. Learn from all the things that other people find insignificant.

Here’s an exercise that I love to lead my students through while in sivasana. Try this at the end of your next yoga class when you lay back into your final resting pose.

Begin by clearing the mind of thought. Focus just on the breath.

Each inhale from the very top of the head
Working down into the body
Expanding into every corner
Touching every piece until finding the toes

Each exhale from the toes
Releasing slowly through the legs
Rolling up the spine
Taking everything with it and letting go through the very crown of the head

Follow this feeling for a few breaths

Slow the exhales down

Start to feel heavy on the floor

When you’re ready, let go of the breath

Each inhale without pulling
Each exhale without pushing

Stay here until the limbs are so calm you barely feel their existence

Now without moving start to notice the room around you

Notice any sounds
Feel the strength of the floor beneath you
Take your attention to the point just below the tip of the nose
Notice how the air softly sweeps by on each inhale and exhale

When you’re ready let yourself follow an inhale into the nose and through the body, bringing movement to fingers and toes

Let the body come to life

As you move forward with your practice and day, keep this idea of simply noticing

If we can begin to appreciate the little things, we can find more joy than ever before. The rays of sunshine look brighter. The feel of a breeze more refreshing. The touch of a loved one more precious. Notice it all friends.

Notice it all.