I think once I was a house cat. A beloved furry little being that did nothing but sleep, eat and stalk everything that moved. I feel like life was good. My owners kept great care of me and loved me dearly.

I’m thinking I would have been a long haired cat. One with quite the attitude. I would have given affection only when it suited me, and certainly would not have tolerated excessive petting. I’m sure I would have demanded soft food served in a crystal dish and it would definitely could not have been late.

I spent my mornings lounging on a throw pillow resting on the couch. My afternoons spent dreaming away in a pool of sunlight. Evenings were enjoyed allowing my human companions to shower me with affection. And late nights, well that’s when the party started. The witching hour. When I could let my hair down. I would hunt for hours, protecting the humans from immanent doom. Of course all that hunting is difficult work so I would just have to sleep in the next morning.

These were the days. An incredible purpose to each day. Taking serious care of those that housed me while paying particular attention to my personal health and hygiene.

Maybe this time in my existence was a gift. After collecting enough good karma you are rewarded with this magical life.

I look at my beautiful cat sitting on his perch and I wonder… What was in his past. How great must he have been in a previous life to end up as a house cat. Now I must say he didn’t have the easiest start to his cat life, but since being adopted by us, he’s got it pretty made. He relaxes all morning, hangs out in sun pools all afternoon, and spends his evenings cuddling with Greg and I while drooling in delight. He eats only soft food, but not off of crystal, off our ceramic plates. And thoroughly enjoys his witching hour which takes place from 3:00-4:30am.

I hope that he finds this life as a gift. That he is content with all parts of his being. I do hope he loves the dog rather than just tolerates him. And knows how much we care for him. On February 14th it will be two years since the Meow Foundation rescued him, and our lives promptly changed for the better.

I cherish my little fur babies more and more each day. This one’s for Tino, our tuxedo cat, who must have been a fascinating character in his past…. Just as I was!