Today was a busy day. So much so that a number of my “get done daily” goals… didn’t get done. I didn’t do yoga today, haven’t yet meditated and have not opened my book. I’m even squeaking this post in three minutes after midnight, but still counting it for Saturday. The one thing I did accomplish today was getting out to meet new people. After teaching at the dance studio, I got home around four, I ate, showered, got ready and then Greg and I headed to a dinner party. I place where I didn’t know a single person, other than my husband of course, and yet I had an amazing time.

I think it’s okay to have days like this. Where every so often you alter the goals of your day in order to accommodate something new. Besides, being more social is on my list of goals, so at least something was accomplished.

Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack. You’re not going to do everything correctly the first time. When making major changes in your life, it will take some time before you’re able to achieve those changes on a consistent basis. Every now and again I’m not going to fit something in. I can get down on myself about it, or I can think of ways to make more space in my day for them next time. And personally I think the latter is far more productive.

So today let yourself of the hook for something, I am. I’m choosing to not dwell on the fact that I did roll out my yoga mat today, I didn’t get time to meditate and I’ll likely only read 20 pages before feeling my eyelids begin to protest the light. I’m also giving myself a free pass when it comes to a short blog post…. you should probably be sleeping anyways.