Wednesdays are the busiest day of the week for me. I teach two yoga classes during the day and then off to the dance studio for five and  a half hours. I always find that on Tuesday night I’m a little bummed knowing that I have lots to do the next day. Then in the morning I drag my heels a little bit while walking the dog, knowing that looming at the end of the walk is an activity filled 12 or so hours. Yet it’s this weird phenomenon, as I get to the yoga studio (I teach at Soul Hot yoga in McKenzie Towne) around 9:15 my mood changes. I walk in the door and all of a sudden the thoughts of my “busy day” melt away and all I can do is smile…. because I love my job. And when you love what you do, it very rarely feels like work.

So why does our brain trick us into thinking that we are not going to enjoy ourselves? I know that though Wednesday is a long day, I’m always happy the entire way through. I’ve taught long Wednesdays for months now, and every time it’s the same, I always end up having a great day. Is it our brains way of talking us out of things? Taking the laziest route possible? I’m pretty sure that’s what mine is doing.

The majority of my goals for this year all centre around the same thing… not being lazy! It’s so easy to sleep in, watch tv and stay at home all day rather than doing chores or finishing errands. I am particularly talented at convincing myself the couch is the best place for me. I sit down to watch a single pvr’d show, and suddenly it’s been three hours and Greg’s about to come home. So I jump up with a start and speed clean something in the house so it at least appears as though I’ve accomplished something with my afternoon. I’m sure everyone’s done that once or twice….. right?

The problem is that the same little voice that convinces us to stay home on a Friday night is the one that’s preventing us from reaching our full potential in life. The time that I spend doing, quite literally, nothing, could be spent taking steps towards where I would like to end up. So I’m putting a stop to my little voice here and now. The moment it starts to pipe up, trying to convince me to stay in my comfortable safe place, I will get up. I will do something more with my time. I will turn off the tv on my breaks between classes and I will take that hour to read a book, walk my dog, or tidy my house. I will think enough of myself and of my time to spend it wisely. I have more potential than my little voice is giving me credit for.

Today I got home from my first class around 11:15, I had a healthy snack while watching a half hour pvr (which turns into 24 mins…. and it was Cornation Street… watching this show a half hour a day is a non negotiable in my life!). When my show finished I got up and swept the floor, as our renovations are supplying a constant amount of dust, and then sat down at the computer to write this. When I finish I will have time to take Buddy for a walk before heading back to Soul for 1:15. I can do this. I can keep this going throughout the rest of my day, week, year… and maybe even my lifetime.

So here’s to doing more with our time. Trying harder to be someone that we are proud of. And growing, each day, in the direction of our goals.