The start of the new year always brings with it an evaluation of the past and the anticipation of what’s to come. This year the life changes that are on my horizon seem so dramatically altering, I thought it would be best to document them. If for no other reason than to be able to look back and confirm the memories I have created.

The biggest change is of course the fact that my husband and I are expecting our first born child. Our little baby girl is due May 9th, so I’m sure it goes without saying that I expect my entire life to turn upside down (in the best possible way) throughout the remainder of 2013.

I’ve also found my dharma (that which my life is meant to do), and for those that know me it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I  identify yoga as my dharma. It’s nothing new, I’ve always known, but it sure is liberating to make the decision! It doesn’t mean that I am choosing to turn my back on dance (I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to leave it), it just means that my heart is very clear on its long term preference. So what does that change? It simply puts a new focus on my path and the direction that I am trying to go. I would like to teach globally, become an author, publish meditation materials, and one day even teach new teachers to teach. Most of these things are my long Long term goals, but goals none the less. So where to begin? It’s already started! I will be spending 2013 as a lululemon ambassador for my local South Centre store in Calgary Alberta.

Beyond these two giant changes, we are renovating our condo. We’ve decided that just because we are having a baby doesn’t mean we need to move directly into a single family home. We purchased a condo in 2007, it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and more than enough space for the two of us, our ten pound dog, a rather large cat, and our little bundle of joy (at least for the first year of her life). So instead of moving, we are falling in love with our home all over again, by changing little pieces.

I hope to write each day, in order to ground myself and reconnect with my goals. Why did I choose to start today instead of January 1st? It took me about a week to decide that I am committed enough to my goals and my future to display them in a public forum. So what are the goals for 2013?

  1. Practice yoga everyday, even if I can only manage a few salutations or a long savassana
  2. Meditate every day
  3. Write something here, every day
  4. Become more active in my local yoga community
  5. Record and publish a meditation CD
  6. Read one new book every month (related to something educational)
  7. Indulge in my new found love of design by sewing, building and painting things for our condo to my hearts content
  8. Be an active mom. Take baby to social settings, classes and play dates
  9. Be a better friend. Accept invitations even if it’s not quite my scene, and make more of an effort to create plans.
  10. Change for the better. Watch less tv, go for longer walks, paint, visit museums, see shows and continue to live the life that Greg and I have carved out for ourselves. One of culture, health and continual growth.

Until tomorrow…. thanks for indulging me.